Are You a Baby Boomer Woman Living in the Land of Re

The BUZZ word these days for women of a certain age is “reinvention.” Everyone’s talking about it or writing about it.

The truth of the matter is, reinventing yourself is nothing new. Our mothers did it as well as their mothers. To reinvent is to re-new, re-create and even re-juvenate.

If you’ve gone through a divorce, changed careers, have children move away, lost (or gained) weight, changed your hair color or dyed the gray away, experienced menopause, tried social media, etc, you’ve gone through a reinvention of sorts.

It is through the reinvention process that we learn and, hopefully, grow.

On Saturday, November 3, a panel of women will share their own reinvention journeys and how they’ve grown into who they are today. It’s the Boomer Women’s Reinvention Summit. You are invited to join us for this ground-breaking televised event.

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