Meet Featured Diva Lynn Bardowski


What is the name of your business and a description of what you do?

Million $ Party Girl –  I empower women to discover their glow and create a bigger vision for their business, and their life. Products include webcasts, teleconferences, speaking, best selling book, radio show, blog and candles.

How much has your business direction changed in the past five years and why?

My direction, and vision – To empower women to discover their glow.”-  is the same but, in the last five years, it has become bigger. As I got closer to 50, I added the word “gazillion” to my vision. That inspired me take action to serve more women. I created the Million $ Party Girl brand, started a blog, wrote a best selling book, developed my keynote speaking business and became a radio host, all while running my million $ PartyLite biz!

What advice do you have for women who are trying to grow their businesses?

My advice is to follow your purpose and passion, create a vision and share it with the world! Your vision will inspire you, and others, to act. Don’t wait until you know “everything” to get started. Enthusiasm on fire is better than knowledge on ice.

What do you know now that you wished you knew 10 years ago as it relates to business?

Failure is part of the success process. In essence, they are one in the same. When I first became an entrepreneur I thought you either succeeded or, you failed. My first failure was a huge setback for me because I put all my self worth into achieving “the goal.” I wasted a lot of time thinking about the woulda, coulda, shoulda. Now. I can see the lesson in failure, recalculate and move on quickly.


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